Aviary Photo_131034127579673906Hi. Welcome to Working.Family.Food . I’m Jack, a doctor and dad. I have always loved food (well eating it, anyway). Since starting a family however, the way that I think about it has completely changed. My better half Jade and I suddenly found that we were shorter on time and wanting to produce healthy meals not only for ourselves but for our son also. I started this blog as a way to share some of our favourite recipes.

Firstly, as the name suggests, I really wanted to put across some of the ideas that we find work for us; meals that are quick but tasty and full of flavour. Most of them have health benefits for the whole family- though some of them are just solid meals that taste great and make you feel happy. I rarely have longer than 30 minutes or so to dedicate to a putting together a meal so most of them will (honestly) take you less time than this to prepare or cook. You will also find some cracking weekend dishes; still quick to prepare but take longer to cook (pop-in-the-oven-while-you-head-out-for-a-walk type of dishes!). We also noticed the hit to our disposable income that inevitable follows a child- you should find that these recipes are as easy on the bank balance as they are to cook and certainly cheaper than buying in pre-prepared meals, take-aways and lunches at work. Finally, boozy nights out to restaurants and bars succumbed to dinner parties with friends (trying not to wake babies upstairs!); hopefully you will find some inspiration for creating dishes that look like they took more effort to prepare than they really did!

The second reason for starting the blog was that as a doctor I honestly believe that much of the ill health that affects western culture is influenced by what we eat. Much of the blame has to land with the often conflicting and confusing ‘science’ that is reported by the media and perpetuated through advertising and poorly researched articles. It is my hope that by breaking down and simply presenting properly researched studies, that individuals and families can better understand how the food they eat affects their bodies. Hopefully this will lead you to make your own healthier choices.

This is not a diet plan, this is by no means trying to tell you the perfect way to feed you or your family but hopefully it will serve to inspire and educate… and free up a little more of your time to enjoy your food and enjoy your family.

Food that works hard for hard working families.