The Perception Versus the Reality of Food Blogging

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools civilisation has; it can drive political change, launch and destroy careers, allow old friends to connect after years of separation

What Does Caffeine Do To You?

We are a society of tea drinkers, coffee connoisseurs and you only need to look around most work places to see people with a can of high caffeine soft drink

Healthy Flour, Butter and Sugar Alternatives

As a family, we love desserts but don’t love how laden with sugar and simple carbohydrates they are. Sure they taste great at the time but it’s not long until you’re

Diet Advice for PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian syndrome is a poorly understood condition that arises from multiple small cysts on the ovary that secrete hormones resulting in abnormally high testosterone levels in women. This has

Eating for Two? Nutrition in Pregnancy

I wanted to write this article to briefly explore the key differences in nutritional requirements between pregnant and non-pregnant women. What I want to state first off however is that

A Guide to Metabolic Rate

What is metabolic rate? Our body never really switches off- all of our organs including our digestive system, brain, nerves, muscles etc all have a constant demand for energy- if

Your Diet and Your Cholesterol

What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fatty molecule that is made by all animal cells. It is integral to making and maintaining the membrane that surrounds all the cells in

Diabetes: A Must-Know Guide for Families

For World Health Day 2016 and in response to the World Health Organisation’s global report on diabetes, here is a must-know briefing on Diabetes: What is Diabetes? When we talk

Will Fat Make Me Fat?

Digestion and absorption What happens when we eat a fat containing food source? In infants who consume a lot of high fat content milk (either breast milk or formula) the

Are Sugars and Carbs bad for me? Part 4: Controlling Carbohydrates

I am not here to tell you not to eat sugar or carbohydrates- in fact to eliminate carbohydrates may be detrimental to your ability to function at moderate to high intensities