Healthy Pizzas

I love pizza but the heavy, doughy bases that they are often made with can make you feel sluggish. The high wheat flour content also makes the pizza a high

Tortilla Super Bowls!

  Simply put, I love this dish! It makes the perfect lunch; fresh, a mix of textures, packed full of protein, vitamins, iron and fibre with only low glycaemic load

Chilli Vodka Salmon Gravlax

  Eating food as raw as possible has numerous health benefits including reduced glycaemic load due to the longer time taken to digest and absorb the macronutrients contained within it

Full English Quiche

This fun take on the full English breakfast is the ideal solution to the problem of family and friends staying over (perhaps a little worse for wear) and waking up

Honey Mustard Lemon Chicken

This quick to make, versatile chicken dish is ideal as a mid-week dinner served up with new potatoes or wholegrain rice (or in tortilla wraps with some crispy gem lettuce

Supergrain Salad

The idea of getting more ‘superfood’ into your diet can seem a little daunting; often it can be hard to find workable ways in which to build them in to

Smoked mackerel pate

Jade, my wife came up with this spin on a Jamie Oliver dish when she was pregnant. Pregnancy is no fun when it comes to the best foods; no blue