Raw Vegan Paleo Brownies

I love these chocolatey beauties. They sort of defy reason- how can something so free of so much stuff taste so indulgent, gooey and chocolatey?! These are vegan, gluten free,

Spinach and Cashew Curry

  As the evenings get longer and brighter, why not try this healthy Cashew and Spinach Curry served with coconut brown rice as a fragrant, fresh and guilt free alternative

Nut Butter

Peanut Butter is probably my favourite and most used member of my store cupboard. If I need a quick pick me up, I spread it on rye bread or rice

Avocado Icecream

This ‘icecream’ is a fantastic, refreshing and tasty alternative to normal icecream if you are either trying to be good, avoid dairy or just want to try something different! It

Apricot and Dark Chocolate Spelt Biscuits

These are brilliant hot drink dunkers!   Spelt was known as ‘marching grain’ to the Romans as their armies marched through the known world conquering civilisations and establishing societies! This

Quinoa, Bean and Feta salad

  This belter of a salad is cheap, quick to put together and can be eaten a meal on its own, as an accompaniment to many dishes or as a

The Perception Versus the Reality of Food Blogging

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools civilisation has; it can drive political change, launch and destroy careers, allow old friends to connect after years of separation

Fancy Fish Fingers

Fish fingers have been a family staple for decades. I remember loving them when I was a child and must admit I have be known to put together the odd

Almond Flour Chocolate Cake with Banana Icing

  If you like chocolate, you must try this cake. It’s out new favourite! I’m not usually a fan of sponge cakes- I find that chomping through all that homogenous

Pork Belly with Pear Puree

If its on the menu I’ll order it. If we have people for dinner I’ll cook it. I love pork belly. Such a flavourful cut and when cooked right with